Mark Maynard doing what he loves

Mark's role in our Company

Mark Maynard is currently working on the Typhoon programme as a Repairs Operations Team Leader. This involves him overseeing the return of a range of customer avionics assets to the repair agent and following the repair back to the customer, within agreed turnaround times, to ensure spares availability for the Royal Air Force, German Air Force and Spanish Air Force.

The role involves Mark supervising a team of four Supply Specialists and requires his attendance at meetings with Eurofighter several times a year. Last year Mark spent eleven months on a secondment to Saudi Arabia acting as a liaison between the Saudi supply operations team and their UK counterpart.

Mark's chosen charity and why it's close to his heart

Mark is raising money for the Katy Holmes Trust which was set up by the parents of ten year old Katy following her diagnosis of an untreatable and terminal brain tumour, to raise awareness of paediatric brain tumours and to raise funds for the research into a cure.

Katy sadly passed away on the 19 January 2012 aged just ten years old. When Mark decided to attempt a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in June 2013 he felt it was only appropriate that he used it as an opportunity to raise some funds for a deserving cause. 

Mark spent a couple of hours with Katy’s parents, Dave and Paula Holmes, and after listening to their story he knew he had found a deserving cause.

Did you know that brain tumours are the biggest killing cancers in children, yet the research to find a cure only receives 0.7% of government funding? Neither did Mark! It took the tragic death of Katy and Mark's need to find a deserving charity to bring it to his attention.

Taking on not one but three challenge

Mark has set himself a goal of raising between £5,000-£10,000 to help fund a cure for paediatric brain tumours. In order to reach this goal he is embarking on not just one, but three rather daunting challenges.

  1. Firstly he will attempt the Yorkshire 3 peaks 12 hour challenge which involves climbing Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, within 12 hours on the 28 April 2013
  2. 3 weeks later he will attempt the National 3 Peaks Challenge climbing the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours on the 17/18 May 2013
  3. Finally, he will be travelling to Africa to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro - the world’s highest free standing mountain, standing at an impressive 19,341 feet.

So to sum it up… Mark is undertaking 3 challenges that involves climbing 7 mountains in 7 weeks with one goal, raising as much money as possible to be a part of the cure for brain tumours and hopefully stop children from dying.

An inspiration

In a former life Mark thinks he must have been either a grizzly bear or a mountain goat, both at home and in the mountains.

Mark told us how he loves the natural ruggedness and beauty of mountains and the peace and tranquillity to be afforded from them. He thinks they are an example of mother nature at her very best. With great examples found on every continent and in nearly every country, yet are for the most taken for granted, but to wander into them without any care or respect to the giant splendours you do so at your peril for they can turn on you as easy as a wild dog.

Mark takes his inspiration from the early explorers who with none of the modern day equipment conquered the great peaks of the Alps and Himalayas because they were there and needed climbing just because… Mark's experience of climbing has been restricted to a little bit of scrambling in Scotland where he grew up in North Wales but he is drawn to the mountains nonetheless and he's tried his hand at skiing, rock climbing, abseiling, paragliding and a little bit of mountain biking but whether he is doing any of those or just walking in the hills, he knows he is at home and at his happiest.

Personal goals

Mark is a simple man (his own words) and his goals are; to see every day as a new challenge and want to make the most of what he has now, so if he goes to bed at the end of the day thinking he has achieved something, even if it’s just a little thing, then that’s alright. He tells us there’s nothing worse than feeling you’ve achieved nothing from your day.

Mark has always wanted to sit atop of Mount Everest and look down on the world but he sees that as an unrealistic ambition, so the next best thing for him is to climb to the top of Africa. Mark aims to get there without succumbing to altitude sickness, which we believe can affect anyone no matter how fit you are. But more importantly he wants to raise the £5,000 minimum for his chosen charity.

Advice for those wishing to follow in Mark's footsteps

Believe in yourself and your abilities and strike whilst the iron is hot and don’t live to regret not doing so, take risks but not foolish ones and most of all enjoy your life today - don’t look back, and learn from your errors.

Remember you are only young for as long as you want to be but when you get old, it’s for the rest of your life.

More information

If you'd like to support Mark by joining him on one or both of his 3 peaks challenges or simply follow him throughout his adventures, or if you'd like to follow him on Twitter, here's his handle @markimark52