About Combat Vehicles (UK)

We aim to provide our customers with excellent support during peacetime and war fighting operations through capability insertions, urgent operational upgrades and in-service support.

We aim to provide our customers with excellent support during peacetime and war fighting operations through capability insertions, urgent operational upgrades and in-service support.

Our unique engineering expertise in design, upgrade and support of complex military vehicles is unparalleled in the UK with specialist knowledge in areas such as survivability, combat engineering, vetronics and product safety.  

Combat Vehicles (UK) operates out of three sites, Telford, Newcastle and Bristol.

Unparalleled Experience
Combat Vehicles (UK) has over 3,600 man years or Armoured Fighting Vehicle knowledge with an unparalleled track record in Prime Systems Integration. We have delivered and continue to support the majority of the current Armoured Fighting Vehicle fleet of the British Army including Challenger 2, Warrior, and CVR (T) as well as combat engineer vehicles such as Titan, Trojan and Terrier.

Platforms such as Panther, AS90 and Bulldog benefit from Contracting for Availability arrangements which provide assured availability and innovative in service support to around 1,500 vehicles for the British Army.

BR90 is the world’s only modular tactical bridging system and this capability was designed, developed and is supported by Combat Vehicles (UK). It provides the British Army with a unique gap crossing capability..

Combat Vehicles (UK) portfolio of supported products includes both wheeled and tracked vehicles ranging in weight from 4 to 75 tonnes.  The Pinzgauer high mobility utility vehicle and Tactica internal security vehicle are supported in the UK and internationally.  

Supporting Troops on the Frontline
Combat Vehicles (UK) has provided over 200 Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs) across hundreds of vehicles, upgraded ready for difficult missions on operations. Innovative engineering solutions, delivered urgently to the front line have helped save lives and were critical to operational success. To ensure the UORs are delivered in the shortest possible time frame, employees at Combat Vehicles (UK) work collaboratively with DSG and with CONDO trained field engineers within the UK and globally.

Engineering Investment in Technology and Innovations
Engineering is the core of our business and Combat Vehicles (UK) constantly invests in new technologies and new developments to help provide the best innovative engineering solutions to support soldiers on the front line. Working collaboratively with specialist agencies, leading universities and Small Manufacturing Enterprises in the UK, Combat Vehicles (UK) is committed to provide solutions for current and future requirements.

International Customers
Combat Vehicles (UK) has exported over 10,000 vehicles to 23 countries all over the world. We are committed to providing excellent support with international customers ranging from spares, major upgrades and new vehicle programmes

Combat Vehicles (UK) has a range of facilities including state of the art systems integration facilities, full sized 3D modelling workshop and a test track.

Combat Vehicles (UK) has consolidated activities such as the BR90 bridging design, development, integration and proving of bridging systems  as well as Heavy Armour assembly, integration and test facility onto one site and invested in the  infrastructure, enhancing the capability to provide through life support to all our platforms.

Moreover, Combat Vehicles (UK) has over 40 reference and loan vehicles on the
Telford site which has achieved level 5 of the Safety Maturity Matrix, higher levels of safety than national standards.

Our supply chain management capabilities include state of the art demand planning tools and techniques to ensure high levels of materiel availability and minimal inventory. This is at the heart of our Contracts for Availability where we have demonstrated class leading levels of performance and cost reductions.

Combat Vehicles (UK) is able to respond quickly to our customer’s emerging requirements, understanding fully the implications of any design changes and enhancements on the vehicle’s capability, delivering solutions quickly. From urgent spares to major vehicle design changes, Combat Vehicles (UK) has the ability to respond effectively

Value for Money

Combat Vehicles (UK) offers trusted, safe and value for money solutions. The engineering expertise, domain knowledge and experience make our through life support solutions excellent value for money.