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We are a growing modelling and analysis consultancy with over 35 years’ experience providing services to senior decision-makers across UK Government and industry.
As a Centre of Excellence for modelling and analysis, we are kept independent of other parts of the company to retain our objectivity when supporting both internal and external customers.
We are a market leader in modelling and analysis consultancy within the defence industry. We are trusted to deliver multi-million pound work to the Ministry of Defence under the previous Operational Analysis Collaboration (OAC) and current Analysis Support Construct (ASC) contracts.
In recent years, we have built upon our work in the defence sector to provide modelling and analysis services to other departments across the UK Government. This has encompassed a variety of projects across the transport, security & counter-terrorism, energy, environmental and business sectors.
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Find out how we use our skills to help our customers, across a variety of sectors, make better decisions.
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Find out about the modelling, analysis and consultancy services we provide to help our customers across UK Government and industry make informed decisions in complex environments.