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Modelling and analysis

Generating evidence to support your decisions
Our approach combines both analytical models and problem structuring methods to represent your problems. We provide both descriptive models, which help you to understand historical data, trends and relationships, and predictive models, which help you to understand the probable future outcome of an event or the likelihood of a situation occurring. Our services can help you to recognise what the real decision you must take is and identify the best approach to providing the evidence needed to support that decision. This ensures that we can provide you with the most efficient solution. Areas where we typically apply these approaches include:

Analysing your operations

Using a range of techniques appropriate to your challenge, we assess how equipment, people and/or strategy might perform in an operation, be that within a military or a business environment. We support this with risk and sensitivity analyses to ensure you develop a robust solution.

Improving business performance

Using modelling and analysis techniques, we identify the measures of success for your business, the factors which influence them, and the actions required to achieve your goals. We have used these approaches to deliver value to customers at a strategic level in business development and in business change programmes.

Developing your in-house capability

We provide you with an appreciation of new approaches and techniques used elsewhere, and demonstrate how they could be used within your organisation. We provide you and your team with training on the tools we provide and on best-practice methods used within industry.

Understanding costs through life

Using whole life cost modelling, we can assess the cost of a capability through its entire lifecycle, enabling you to make a true comparison between options. This includes gathering data and information effectively, and using our incisive analysis and numeracy skills to create systematic and pragmatic solutions.
To deliver these services we use widely available software packages, removing the need for major investment in software tools. Packages include MS Excel®, Simul8®, Witness® and MS Visio®.
In more specialist areas, our systems dynamics experts use VENSIM®, and our optimisation team uses XPRESS Optimiser®. If necessary we can build a bespoke agent based simulation in C. Each team is headed by an expert with many years’ experience in the field, and our rigorous testing processes ensure that you get a robust solution.