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Consultancy services

We bring a mixture of organisational understanding, knowledge of analytical techniques, domain expertise, and facilitation skills to help you structure and clarify your issues.
Our consultancy services can help you identify potential ways to improve how your organisation supports the enterprise it works within, develop business cases for complex changes, and set out the most appropriate use of analytical techniques to help you make decisions in a complex environment. The help we offer includes:

Understanding your place in the enterprise

Organisations do not often operate in isolation, they are part of a wider enterprise that strives to achieve a set goal, especially within the defence industry. We have a number of methods to help you understand the part your organisation plays in the wider enterprise. This understanding is particularly useful when looking for:
  • New business opportunities
  • Improving enterprise-level performance
  • Organisational efficiencies

Developing a compelling offering and investment case

Having a bright idea isn’t enough. You need to convince the budget holders and operators that the idea will improve performance in a cost-effective way. Our approach to help you develop a compelling offering includes:
  • Developing the value proposition to focus on the “hot buttons”, quantifying and justifying the predicted improvement through modelling the proposed processes
  • Understanding what levels of performance you need to achieve to support the overall enterprise. These levels should be the measures of effectiveness or key performance indicators for your scope
This step naturally follows from understanding the enterprise you work within, or can be a starting point.

Defining an analysis and decision support strategy

Unclear how to make the most of the data you have? Struggling to work out how you’ll have the information to answer major questions in the future? We use our expertise and experience to develop an appropriate modelling and analysis strategy that is right for you. This will be efficient, focused and designed to answer the right questions at the right times.


Assuring your analytical processes

We have a track record of assessing any organisation’s capability to deliver operational analysis studies, and their approach to maintaining and developing their capability. A similar review of your organisation would help you benchmark your capability and processes, and develop plans to bring you up to the standard you need to be.

Developing your team’s analytical skills

We deliver bespoke training courses to improve the general modelling and analysis skills of your team, and in the use of the models we develop. We also provide mentoring to provide personal guidance on managing analytically focused teams and projects.