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Energy & Resilience

CORDA Windmill
The UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) needs to maintain its capability to deliver its outputs, despite external factors over which it has no control. Constrained supply and volatile prices of fuel, availability of critical materials, more stringent legislation, and the impact of climate change all present the MoD with risks to how they conduct business.
We have worked extensively with the MoD to better understand these risks and the mitigation options available to safeguard its capabilities now and in the future. This has included:
  • Undertaking an annual baselining of the MoD’s operational energy consumption (circa £1billion spend per annum) to enable effective energy reduction targets to be set
  • Developing an enterprise-wide system map of the MoD's energy use, identifying the key levers and drivers for energy consumption, cost and security of supply
  • Developing and applying the fully-burdened cost of energy concept to better represent the true cost of energy at its point of use in potentially high threat environments
  • Developing a methodology to enable the MoD to assess the wider risks to the supply chain associated with natural hazards


  • Provided the MoD with tools to enable their energy burden to be reduced whilst maintaining operational capability

  • Provided underpinning evidence to support business cases for energy efficient and renewable technologies