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Understanding how organisations contribute to military capability

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Front Line Commands need to understand how organisations, personnel, equipment, and support infrastructure contribute to capability in order to optimise their force structures.
In order to support strategic decisions (e.g. Strategic Defence & Security Review and & annual budget cycle submissions), the Ministry of Defence (MOD) needs an understanding of the resource, contractual, and organisational relationships between different force elements and industry. Fully understanding these relationships allows the MOD to explore the consequences of proposed force structure interventions and identify areas for improvement.
We worked collaboratively with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory,  Air Command, Navy Command and Head Office to produce maps showing how organisations, activities, and resources link to generate Force Elements and capability. These maps and underlying data were captured in a tailored tool that provides both visualisation and analytical capabilities.
Examples include organisational and resource mapping of numerous RAF Force Elements and the Royal Navy’s destroyers and frigates.
This now allows the MOD to:
  • Better understand the impact of changing force structures
  • Improve its understanding of inter-organisational dependencies
  • Identify overlaps which could enable an improved force structure


  • Provides senior decision-makers with a better understanding of underlying organisational and resource dependencies in a timely manner
  • Supports strategic decision making through the ability to consider full impact of changing structures, leading to capability (and potentially cost) improvements