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Case studies

Our team of consultants and experts has worked across a diverse range of areas and disciplines, enabling us to adapt our approach to suit the individual needs of each customer.
Cyber Security - Audit and compliance

Capability audit and balance of investment

The Ministry of Defence and the Front Line Commands need to define and test alternative future force structures. Find out how we develop and implement solutions to enable the assessment of effectiveness, cost and risk.
Typhoon for UK Business page

Understanding support to military capability

Front Line Commands need to understand how organisations, personnel, equipment, and infrastructure contribute to capability in order to optimise their force structures. We support this by working collaboratively with the Ministry of Defence.
CORDA Windmill

Energy & resilience

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) needs to maintain its capability to deliver its outputs despite external factors over which it has no control. We have worked extensively with the MoD to better understand these risks and the mitigation options available to safeguard their capabilities now and in the future.
Reconfigurable Maritime Warfare Training System

Supporting the Maritime Warfare Centre

The Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) conducts analysis for the Royal Navy in order to maximise the effectiveness of current and future maritime operations. Find out how we have provided on-site support to the MWC for the last 25 years.
Challenger® 2 Main Battle Tank

Conceptual Force Wargame

We supported the final event of the Army Future Land Conceptual Wargaming Cycle. The aim of the event was to inform the master qestion of “What innovative capability options or creative approaches should be developed for future land forces?”
Type 26

Improving availability contracts

Military support contracts have focused on making assets available for use, rather than equipment and manpower. These long-term availability contracts encourage industry to reduce costs but maintain capability. We developed tools to look at factors affecting both asset availability and cash flow to support decision-makers in the Ministry of Defence and industry.

Support to the new employment model

The Ministry of Defence's New Employment Model programme is the widest review of personnel-related policies in 40 years, covering terms of service, accommodation, training, pay, and allowances. We provided independent, timely, and robust evidence to the Ministry of Defence to support key decisions within this programme.