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Project Control Foundation Scheme Apprentice - Charlotte Bamber
Charlotte tells us about her current placement on the apprenticeship scheme within the export team and how she’s aligning what she’s learning at college to her day job.

Entry into BAE Systems

I began working at BAE Systems in 2011 after finishing my A levels in Business, French and ICT at Cardinal Newman College in Preston.

From one end of the spectrum...

I am now in my second year of the Project Control Foundation Scheme and currently work in Combat Air Export. My current role provides opportunities to gain valuable experience in the early phases of the project lifecycle and my main responsibilities include Lifecycle Management and Governance. I am also responsible for the co-ordination of senior management reporting packs and provide campaign/bid team support when required.

... To another end of the spectrum

This is in contrast to my first year placement, in Combat Air Support, which enabled me to experience the latter phases of the project lifecycle. During this placement, my tasks included conducting spend, order volume and variance analysis for each contract to support the Contract Status Report process, along with change control and resource management. As a result, I have been able to experience working with, and manipulating data through, the use of spreadsheets and graphs and more recently have experienced working with PowerPoint presentations and reports.

Invaluable learning

I attend college every Wednesday and am currently working towards my foundation degree in Project Management. The first two years of the course have been invaluable as the theory learnt at college is aligned and applicable to my everyday role; with college assignments relating to areas of my work. This allows me to apply college based theory to real life working scenarios encountered during my placement and this direct application enhances my learning and development in both work and study.


My aspirations for the short term include moving into a role on the F-35 programme in order to gain experience of a different platform other than Combat Air. I believe that working in a number of different areas will allow me to appreciate the broader spectrum of opportunities within BAE Systems. This understanding will offer personal security and confidence when choosing a final, long term career path, one that will hopefully include travel abroad, and perhaps the undertaking of a role overseas.