Vickers No 7 monoplane left side view
The No 7 monoplane sat two in tandem and was powered by a 100 hp Gnome rotary engine.
The Vickers No.7 Monoplane returned to the same configuration as the No.5 Monoplane. It accomodated the two occupants, seated in tandem and featured two-skids and a four-wheel undercarriage as used on the earlier machines. Power was provided by a 100 hp Rolls-Royce Gnome rotary engine driving a three-blade propeller.
The tail surfaces were again modified, with a fixed fin ahead of a re-shaped, unbalanced rudder. The Gnome engine was supported by a front mounting, with the upper part of the engine being cowled, presumably to prevent hot oil being thrown into the face of the front seat occupant.
The Vickers No.7 Monoplane was flown for the first time by Robert Barnwell at Brooklands on 1st January 1913. However, this aircraft was later reported to have been turned over by a student pilot on 4th October 1913, after which nothing more is heard of it. It is assumed that the company decided not to repair it for further use.
Vickers No 7 monoplane right front view
The No 7 monoplane showing its three-blade propeller and four-wheel undercarriage.

Variants & Numbers

One only, in use from January to October 1913


One 100 hp Gnome rotary engine
34 ft 6 in
Maximum Weight
1,200 lb
Pilot and passenger
Maximum Speed
70 mph
350 miles


No examples of this type survive.

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