Airco DH15 Gazelle J1937
The sole Airco DH15 Gazelle J1937 was used for development of the 480hp Galloway Atlantic engine.
The Aircraft Manufacturing Company (Airco) DH15 was a post World War One biplane, built for experimental purposes and as a flying test bed for the 480 hp Galloway Atlantic engine.
It was effectively a converted Airco DH9A and despite its intended use purely for experimental purposes, it retained all the armament provisions of the DH9A. Presumably, this allowed a better performance comparison with the standard aircraft. The sole example built (J1937) flew in July 1919 and was delivered to Martlesham Heath for assessment in May 1920.
The Galloway Atlantic engine was a water-cooled V12 which merged two, six-cylinder inline B.H.P engines into a common crankcase, mounted behind a rectangular radiator. This resulted in very little change to the appearance of the aircraft, which retained the general appearance of the DH9A. The only notable visual difference was the use of extended exhaust pipes, running down the fuselage sides and vertical, rather than forward-sloping centre section struts.
Airco DH15 Gazelle J1937 front ground
The DH15 can be distinguished from the DH9A by its upright centre-section struts and long exhaust pipe.
Two DH15's were ordered but only one aircraft was ever completed.  This single unit completed many test flights between 1919 and 1920 with Test Pilot Gerald Gathergood at the controls.  



Span 45 ft 11.6 in
Maximum Weight 4,773 lb 
Capacity & Armament Pilot and rear gunner positions; provisions for 460 lb bomb load. Forward firing Vickers machine gun and Scarff-mounted Lewis gun for self-defence.
Maximum Speed 139 mph at sea level; 133 mph at 10,000 ft
Range / Endurance Unknown


Number Built

One aircraft only DH15 Gazelle J1937



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