Bristol Type 8 S2A 7836 1st aircraft
The first Bristol Type 8 S2A 7836, showing its side-by-side seating arrangement.
The Bristol Aeroplane Company Type 8 S2A was an attractive derivative of the successful Bristol Scout D, seating two crew side-by-side. It was designed against an Admiralty requirement for a two-seat fighter and 2 aircraft were built as advanced training aircraft.
In the event, The Admiralty ordered the Sopwith 1½ Strutter and the type was evaluated by the War Office as a potential trainer.
Bristol Type 8 S2A 7836 1st aircraft rear port
The two Bristol Type 8 S2A aircraft were evaluated as advanced trainers.
The two aircraft that were ordered (7836 and 7837) were powered by a 110hp Clerget rotary engine with the aircraft being flown for the first time in May and June 1916.
The two S2As were delivered to the Central Flying School at Upavon in June and July 1916. The second aircraft was later flown at Gosport, re-engined with a 100hp Gnome Monosoupape and fitted with a modified cowling.
Bristol Type 8 S2A 7837 2nd aircraft Larkhill
The second Bristol S2A 7837 outside the Bristol hangars at Larkhill.



Powerplant One 110hp Clerget rotary engine
Span 28 ft 2 in
Maximum Weight 1,400 lb
Capacity & Armament Two crew; planned armament – single Lewis gun mounted above the upper wing centre section (not fitted in practice).
Maximum Speed 95 mph at sea level
Endurance 3 hours



Two aircraft only, serials 7836, 7837.





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