Bristol 77 M1D Monoplane G-EAVP side
The Lucifer-powered M1D racing monoplane G-EAVP at Filton.
The Bristol Aeroplane Company Type 77 M.1D Monoplane (G-EAVP) was a one-off conversion of a Bristol M.1C Monoplane, specifically modified for high speed testing of the Bristol Lucifer three-cylinder radial engine. This conversion was carried out in January 1922.
The aircraft was painted all-over in scarlet, with a black nose and tail, plus its registration no in white. It was raced at Croydon on 17th April 1922, taking third place in its first race, and second place in its second race. On its next outing, the Bristol Type M.1D won a handicap race, also held at Croydon on 3rd June 1922.
The aircraft, flown by Larry Carter, who then won the prestigious 1922 Aerial Derby Handicap Race on 7th August 1922, at an average speed of 107.85 mph.
Bristol Type 77 M1D Derby Handicap Aug 22
Larry Carter winning the Aerial Derby Handicap at Croydon on 7th August 1922.
It was unsuccessful however, in the inaugural King’s Cup Air Race held at Croydon in September 1922, where it suffered a forced landing following minor engine trouble.
Sadly, Major Leslie Foot was fatally injured when the aircraft crashed near Chertsey, on 23rd June 1923 during the later Grosvenor Cup Race out of nearby Brooklands Aerodrome..



Powerplant One 140 hp Bristol Lucifer
Span 30 ft 9 in
Maximum Weight 1,300 lb
Capacity  Single seat racing monoplane
Maximum Speed 125 mph
Endurance 1 hr 45 min 



Single example (G-EAVP)



None - aircraft destroyed in June 1923.


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