Blackburn F1 Turcock ground side view port
Side view of the unarmed AS Jaguar-powered Blackburn F1 Turcock.
In 1926, Blackburn Aeroplane Company decided to design and build a private venture, single-seat fighter aircraft aimed specifically at the export market. The basic design was given the name 'Blackcock' although it was expected that a more customer-specific name would be allocated to individual variants during the sale process.
The type was configured as a single-seat / single-bay biplane with the upper wing having a greater chord than the lower. Provisions were made for a fixed, forward-firing Vickers machine gun to be fitted on each side of the fuselage. For the powerplant, a number of different engine options were offered.
In the event however, only one aircraft was built with this being unarmed and fitted with a 446 hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar VI engine. The aircraft was manufactured to an order received from Turkey and was consequently known as the Blackburn Turcock.
The Blackburn Turcock was flown for the first time on 14th November 1927 at the company factory at Brough. It was allocated the civil registration (G-EBVP) during January 1928 for the purpose of delivery to the Turkish customer.
Unfortunately, before this could take place, the Blackburn Turcock was destroyed in a fatal accident whilst being used on the ‘Speed Course’ at the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) at Martlesham Heath, on 23rd January 1928.


Variants & Number Built

Single prototype only to an order from Turkey. Destroyed in an accident on 23rd January 1928.


Powerplant One 446 hp Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar VI engine
Span 31 ft 0 in
Maximum Weight 2,616 lb
Capacity Single pilot only
Armament None fitted to sole prototype
Max Speed  202 mph at 15,000 ft
Endurance 1 hr 40 min




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