Senior Quality Engineer Lends a Hand to Produce Scrubs

BAE Systems Submarines
COVID-19 has seen volunteers from BAE Systems Submarines doing what they can to help out in the local community - few more so than Senior Quality Engineer Diane Walker.
Diane Walker
A keen seamstress, she turned her hand to sewing scrubs for care homes and other organisations as part of a Facebook group.  Diane said: "I felt like I was a part of 'the war effort' that my parents had told many tales of, and I should use my skills to good use."
She added: "Soon our Facebook group had developed into local groups. We have a 'team leader' who co-ordinates everyone in our group and liaises with the main group.  She organises drop off of the packs of cut out scrubs and pick-ups of the items we have produced.  To help with the sewing, Diane has been allowed an hour-a-day of paid time off to assist
We message words of encouragement to each other in the group, which was especially necessary in the early days when we were all getting used to the instructions for the scrubs and hats, and the group shares messages of gratitude from the recipients of the items. It really helps to see where the items are going and how much difference we are making to them.

Senior Quality Engineer Diane Walker