BAE Systems Education Centre: Air Power

Players place the ball in the air stream produced by the large yellow unit. When the unit is turned from the upright position to the side, the ball floats in the airstream. As the unit is returned to its upright position the ball moves closer to the unit. There are three different balls, each with different properties and made from different materials. Players can explore how these different sizes and materials are affected by the air stream.


BAE Systems Education Centre: 3D Noughts and Crosses

This game presents a challenge to players. At first it is very familiar; naughts and crosses is a game most people have played. However, this is a version of the game played across three dimensions. This adds an extra degree of difficult y as moves can be made across three levels. Successful players need to develop a good sense of spatial awareness and also anticipate where on the three levels their opponent is most likely to make their next move.


BAE Systems Education Centre: Balancing Broomsticks

Players are given 6 broomsticks and given the challenge of arranging them on top of a 7th broomstick. The players are tasked with exploring how many different arrangements they can find and deducing which is the most stable.


BAE Systems Education Centre: NIM

Two players are presented with a number of sticks in set rows. To begin one player must pick up any number of sticks from one row only. Player two must then pick up any number of sticks from a row. The game continues until there is only one stick left, the last player to pick up a stick is the loser. This game requires strategic thinking and may take a few rounds of playing before a winning strategy can be found.