Ocean Patrol Vessels for the Brazilian Navy

The Brazilian Navy has signed a contract worth £133 million with BAE Systems for the supply of three Ocean Patrol Vessels and ancillary support services
The acquisition of these three Ocean Patrol Vessels from BAE Systems will make an important contribution to both our ability to provide security and protection to Brazil’s Jurisdictional Waters and to deliver our commitments to the Brazilian Maritime Authority Rear Admiral Francisco Deiana, Brazilian Navy’s Director of Naval Engineering

Amazonas' timeline

Click on the image of Amazonas below to open the timeline of her story from contract award to her arriving in Rio de Janeiro

Naval Guns

BAE Systems has a trusted relationship supplying the Brazilian Armed Forces with naval gun systems in co-operation with Brazilian industry

This dates back to license production of our 40mm L/60 Gun System in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. This tradition has continued with the production of seventy five 40mm L/70 Gun systems for the Brazilian Navy, Army and Marine Corps during the 1980s and most recently with the 40 Mk3 Gun Systems for the Brazilian Navy’s Niteroi Frigate modernization program (1995–2001).

Currently, we are in the process of transferring technology to Brazilian companies in order to produce the latest versions of our 40mm and 57mm naval guns and our Remote Weapon Stations. For this purpose, we are creating a Brazilian Gun Production Group and are looking to develop relationships with Brazilian companies to handle certain technology/production areas.

40 Mk4

The Bofors 40 Mk4 naval gun system is vital for defence against hostile ships, small maneuvering boats, aircrafts, helicopters and shore targets

We are working with Brazilian industry and the Brazilian Navy to deliver an assured warship procurement package, tailored to Brazilian requirements. The Bofors 40 Mk4 naval gun system is designed to meet that demand. Its low weight and compact dimensions combine with a long range and a high rate of fire. It has the capability to rapidly switch between optimised ammunition types, including programmable 40mm 3P all-target ammo. This delivers high tactical and operational flexibility alongside outstanding survivability, giving ships the advantage in conflicts of any kind.

Quick, flexible response

The Bofors 40 Mk4 can go from warning to destruction in less than 0.5 seconds. The 3P ammo can be programmed for optimised effect against any target, including airburst patterns for new threats that were previously impossible to engage. The automatically loaded, remotely controlled weapon can also be locally controlled as a backup, equipping the operator for any scenario.
Simple integration

The system’s light weight and modest size are made possible by innovative features including its electric drive system. It also has a fully-digitised modular architecture, providing weapon synergies and future flexibility. Programmable 3P ammunition means less round types are needed, reducing transport, storage, weight and space. These aspects combine to provide straightforward, cost-effective integration.


BAE Systems (and its legacy companies) has an excellent track record of supplying munitions and transferring technology for licensed production of munitions to the Brazilian Armed Forces

The Brazilian Armed Forces successfully manufactured several types of 40mm ammunition under license from BAE Systems dating back to the 1940s. The Brazilian Navy was the first organization outside Sweden that obtained a license for a programmable 40mm 3P multi-purpose round.

In the early 1990s BAE Systems became a key member of the South American Ordnance ( SAO ) Joint Venture. BAE Systems has delivered on past contracts for 81mm mortar bombs, 105mm artillery ammunition and 4.5in naval gun ammunition.

BAE Systems has transferred technical data packages to Brazil for indigenous manufacture under license for 81mm mortar bombs, 105mm artillery ammunition and 4.5 inch naval gun ammunition. BAE Systems is currently in discussions to extend the cooperation to even newer ammunition types.