Lord Browne, author of the book, Make, Think, Imagine, joined us at our Tempest facility to discuss the inspiration behind his work, his long and prestigious engineering career and to make a compelling argument about the power of technological progress and its ability to bring prosperity to the global community. 
In his book, Lord Browne provides an impassioned defence of progress and innovation and an argument for social responsibility using his career from engineer to businessman and former CEO of BP as an example. 
Referencing our important advancements in the work of 3D printing, automation and military advantage, Lord Browne quotes several of our senior engineering experts on the major advances we are making to the engineering profession and adding that engineering as part of the defence industry, will continue to 'steer the course of innovation.'
You can watch his full keynote address below:

Make, Think, Imagine: A tribute to the importance of the engineer in our society

Lord Browne of Madingley - Author of Make, Think, Imagine speaking at lecturn at BAE Systems
Lord Browne of Madingley
Also joining Lord Browne to discuss the future of engineering and the future of the Combat Air sector, were two of our leading experts, Dave Holmes, Manufacturing Director and Andrew Kennedy, Strategic Campaigns Director for the Air sector who gave an outline of the importance of a campaign to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Dave Holmes - Manufacturing Dire...

Andrew Kennedy, Strategic Campai...

Lord Browne, author of Make, Thi...

The inspirational event concluded with a panel discussion: How do we create a bright and prosperous future for engineering?
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