At the ceremony, the ship's Lady Sponsor, Mrs Rachel Johnstone-Burt, will be joined by VIP guests from the UK Government and the military, as well as the families and affiliates of the Ship’s Company. 
Read on to find out more about the stories of some BAE Systems employees and Naval personnel who have contributed to HMS FORTH’s journey so far!

Employee profiles

Image of Alan Brown

Alan Brown

Product Safety Engineer (RCB2)

"To see a new ship that we’ve built commissioned into any fleet whether it be the Royal Navy or an overseas customer is always a proud moment"
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Image of Cameron Kirkland

Cameron Kirkland

Detail Design Outfit Engineer

"The project has overcome many hurdles during the last five years and we now have a completed ship in front of us that proves that all of that hard work has paid off."
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Image of Jamie Philpot

Jamie Philpot

Engineering Technician Weapons Engineer

"I’m the first person in my family to serve in the Armed Forces, so it’s a proud thing to go home and tell your parents about."
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Emma Judd
External Communications Manager
Maritime Services

+44 (0) 2392 25624

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Kris Jones
Manager, Communications

Mobile: +44 (0)7921 867041