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Who is GEN for?

The Gender Equality Network (GEN) is for all BAE Systems employees in the UK who believe everyone should be given the opportunity and support to succeed in their career, regardless of gender. It’s an employee-run group and GEN’s ultimate goal is to no longer be needed, because gender barriers and biases will have been broken down in the workplace. But at this point, women in particular need more support than their male counterparts to succeed in the workplace. We need to keep growing the opportunities for women to develop their careers with BAE Systems. This in turn, will increase the number of role models, inspiring future generations and helping to break long-held gender biases held by both men and women, often subconsciously. GEN isn’t just for women though - when men need support, or are held back by biases and outdated policies, the group provides assistance and raises awareness to ensure everyone can reach their full potential. The team at GEN works closely with colleagues in OutLinkUK to ensure all genders receive the help they need. 


Meet some of our team

Image of Katie - GEN


Founding member and Co-Chair of GEN
Katie says:
"I joined as a founding member and Co-Chair of GEN in 2020. I have been with BAE Systems since 2006 and as a female in a male dominated industry I understand the importance of equality. Being the mother of two girls has fuelled me further to ensure that a lasting change is made not only for my future but for theirs as well. As a group we have come together to support, influence and educate our business and our people on gender equity and equality.
If any organisation wants to be at the forefront of growth and prosperity they must ensure everyone feels included no matter who they are and no one should ever underestimate the impact diversity of thought can make."
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Founding member and Co-Chair of GEN
Beth says:
"I helped to create GEN in 2020 and am Co-Chair. For me, being part of GEN means that I can work with the team to support people across the organisation by both providing specific support to individuals and groups, driving equality of opportunity and promoting an inclusive workplace where everyone is empowered to be the best that they can be. I joined BAE Systems as an engineer in 2012 and have been involved in many D&I networks and initiatives, including working with external organisations and running internal events, across a variety of different areas and functions.
We have an opportunity through GEN to continue to build a workplace that feels welcoming to all and encourages diversity, whether this is through the people who join the company, the teams we build or through the language we use day to day. We want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, feels supported, heard and able to achieve their potential."
Image of Sophia - GEN


GEN strategy lead
Sophia says:
"I joined GEN in 2021 as the representative for the Land UK business and then took on the role of strategy lead. I believe in equality of opportunity and joined GEN to help instil this throughout BAE Systems, making it a fairer workplace for all.
I began working for BAE Systems directly after university and have been with the company for 4 years now. During this time I have undertaken roles across various business units and functions, so have seen how the company operates at multiple levels and I’m now Head of Strategy, Land UK. I am keen to support and inspire others around the business to believe in their ability and be successful, whatever that might look like for the individual."
Image of Sophia - GEN


GEN Co-communications Lead
Maddy says:
"I joined GEN as it was established, during the pandemic, and I was so keen to be part of a gender network that wasn’t just being set up for women. Having worked in the defence industry for 10 years, I have frequently been frustrated by the gender imbalance, and while women’s networks do so much good work to try and fix the inequalities, I have attended too many meetings and women’s events where the men are non-existent. I asked myself: 'How are we ever going to achieve real change if the majority of our workforce isn’t engaging with the discussion?'. GEN provides a real opportunity to challenge that and to show people that there are ways we can support women AND men to achieve a gender inclusive workplace, with nobody losing out."
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Ana Whitaker
Diversity and Inclusion Manager
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We want to build an inclusive environment, in which all colleagues can thrive and contribute their unique experiences.
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