Proposals on Future Ship Build Facilities

Investment in facilities is a key part of creating a 21st century complex warship capability in Glasgow and ensuring the long-term future of our business.

We want to create a modern, safe and inspiring place to work with world class facilities which increase efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness.

As such, we are exploring two manufacturing options for improvements to our facilities in Glasgow.

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Option 1: A new state of the art shipbuilding complex in Scotstoun (single-site option)

Single Site Strategy

Proposed development of option 1 comprises:

  • Construction of a new Modern Dock Hall, Steelwork Preparation Shop, Steelwork Fabrication Hall, Paint Cell, Transfer Quay, Welfare Block and supporting offices. 

Option 2: Upgrade existing facilities in Govan and Scotstoun (two-site option)

Proposed development of option 2 comprises:

  • Govan works - construction of a new Outfit Hall (with integrated office accommodation and amenities) and Paint Cell, extension of the Ship Block & Outfit Hall and Steelwork Fabrication Hall extension, levelling of the berth and new Transfer Quay.
  • Scotstoun works – strengthening of the Deep Water Berth, gate replacement on Dry Dock 2, pit engineering of Dry dock 3 and pit re-engineering of Dry Dock 2.

We will be holding public consultation events with regards to the above proposed development options, providing an opportunity for members of our local communities to find out further details about the proposals, prior to the submission of any planning application.

The consultations, by way of drop-in events, will take place on the following dates:

Tuesday 11 February 2014, 13:00-19:30

Option 1: single site strategy

GTG Training and Conference Centre, 1330 South Street, Glasgow G14 0BJ

Thursday 13 February 2014, 13:00-19:30

Option 2: two site strategy

The Pearce Institute, 840-860 Govan Road, Glasgow, G52 3UU

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