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Using video game technology in pilot training   [01:59]
The closer a simulator can match reality - in terms of visuals, other sensory feedback and aircraft handling - the closer it becomes to matching real-world training for effectiveness.
We are also developing our existing Typhoon VR and MR capability, focusing on enhancing tracking, fidelity and resolution using high-end commercial headsets such as XTAL and Varjo, while also exploring the use of the Striker® II Digital Helmet as an MR headset. Our ambition is to provide a high-fidelity, lower cost, low footprint 360° experience, which when deployed in theatre allows pilots to rehearse missions and experience new capabilities all without returning to a specific base. To achieve this, one thing we need to do is integrate our existing realistic handling and image generators (which work in the infra-red domain and across other sensors), with more realistic gaming environment image generation technologies.
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We always look to employ innovation from adjacent markets where they provide maximum benefit to our customers. Gaming is one area where our combined thinking can deliver exceptional results in synthetic training environments. Charles Jackson, XR Lead Engineer, Training and Simulation Systems, BAE Systems
Charles Jackson, XR Lead Engineer, Training and Simulation Systems, BAE Systems The benefits to defence of gaming technology for simulation have been widely recognised. The gaming industry, with its extensive consumer reach and myriad routes to market, has taken graphic representation of environments to incredible levels of accuracy. Techniques such as ray tracing, once the preserve of super computers, are now available on even modest gaming consoles. BAE Systems has for some time been working with leaders in the gaming industry to develop and enhance the level of realism in our simulators. 
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