Eurofighter Typhoon

The world's most advanced new generation multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft available on the market.

Typhoon gives air forces the capability to effectively deliver a full spectrum of air operations - from air policing and peace support, through to high intensity conflict, thanks to its inherent flexibility and adaptability. 


Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer

The world's most successful and proven Advanced Jet Trainer aircraft, outperforming and outselling all other aircraft in its class. Hawk is currently producing highly trained pilots for 21 of the world’s air forces.

Striker® II See-Through Display

With decades of combat-proven experience, the new platform-agnostic Striker II helmet-mounted display (HMD) builds upon BAE Systems’ current Striker HMD, which has been successfully deployed in theatre on Eurofighter typhoon and Gripen fleets. Striker II is a fully digital solution that provides today’s combat pilot with exceptional night vision and target tracking technology within a fully integrated visor-projected HMD system.
BAE Systems Striker® II – the all new digital helmet-mounted display system with integrated night vision cameras – Performance without compromise.
Delivering breakthrough abilities for night combat, the Striker II brings its high performance digital night vision camera inside the helmet, which helps reduce g-force effects on the pilot's head and neck to improve comfort, and eliminates the need to manually configure and adjust night vision goggle (NVG) hardware for day-to-night transitions. It also includes a cutting-edge tracking system that ensures the pilot’s exact head position and the aircraft computer system are continuously in sync, reducing problems common to other HMDs.


Taranis is the most technologically advanced aircraft the UK has ever designed and built. It is designed to provide the MOD with critical knowledge on the technical and manufacturing challenges and the potential capabilities of Unmanned Combat Air Systems. 
Taranis in flight

LiteHUD® Head-Up Display (HUD) 

LiteHUD® - Head-Up Display (HUD) LiteHUD® is a small and compact Head-Up Display (HUD), offering space and weight advantages paired with the latest optical waveguide technology. Its modular and lightweight design improves flight safety, reducing fatigue and increasing situational awareness day or night.