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We work with senior decision-makers across the UK Government, BAE Systems, and wider industry.
We have a long history of supporting senior decision-makers across the UK's Ministry of Defence (MOD) and BAE Systems. For over 35 years, we have been using operational research techniques to advise the MOD. Today, we are a market leader in modelling and analysis consultancy within the defence industry.

In recent years, we have built upon our work in the defence sector to provide modelling and analysis services to other departments across UK Government. This has encompassed a variety of projects across the transport, security & counter-terrorism, energy, environmental and business sectors.

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Challenger® 2 Main Battle Tank


We have a long history of supporting senior decision-makers across the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO and BAE Systems.
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CORDA our sectors transport


Our services support government and industry clients to optimise transport operations, security and sustainability.
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CORDA business consulting

Business Consulting

All organisations are driven by data and processes, and these need to be well-designed and managed to achieve sustainable success.
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CORDA our sector security

Security & Counter-Terrorism

We provide expert analytical and consultancy services to support operational and policy decision-making in relation to national security and counter-terrorism.
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