From the start, we work with our customers to understand their organisational environment and objectives, enabling us to identify the analysis and information needed to support their decision-making.

We draw upon our broad network of experts from across industry and academia to ensure we deliver the best solutions to meet our customer’s individual needs.


CORDA cost modelling

Cost modelling

From finance support tools to macro value analysis, we provide robust cost modelling techniques to help our customers fully understand the financial implications of business decisions.
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CORDA Windmill

Process improvement

Designing and managing processes to achieve sustainable success. We provide process improvement consultancy across a range of customer requirements from descriptive analysis to strategic transformation.
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CORDA data analytics

Data analytics

As a Centre of Excellence for modelling and analysis within BAE Systems, our approach combines analytical models and dashboards with problem structuring methods to generate maximum insight.
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CORDA simulation modelling

Simulation modelling

Our modelling experts develop and use simulation as a powerful tool to provide a virtual and visual representation of systems over time.
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CORDA structured engagement

Structured engagement

We use our expertise in approaches such as workshop facilitation, wargaming, structured interviews and consultations, multi-criteria decision analysis, and roadmapping to support our customers in making evidence-based decisions.
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