Careers - Associates

We maintain a pool of associates who we draw on to support our delivery across various capabilities.
We have access to a range of frameworks and routes to market, and often put together diverse teams to support our customers with a variety of problems. These teams may be drawn from our permanent consultancy staff, our associate pool, or both. Once part of our talent pool, we will seek to match your capabilities to appropriate opportunities as they arise. As an associate, you would have complete flexibility to choose whether or not to participate in any given opportunity, and we would not require you to sign any exclusive arrangement.

If deployed on a project as an associate with BAE Systems CORDA, you may be responsible for developing and delivering analytical and business intelligence solutions for either our internal and external clients. You will work closely alongside our internal team and clients to ensure that effective solutions are developed and delivered to enable them to make robust, evidence based decisions.
We welcome applications from candidates with experience in the following areas:
  • Economics
  • Transformation
  • Data science
  • Wargaming
  • Transport, defence, security & policing, energy
Regardless of specialism, we expect our associates to have a proven track record in stakeholder engagement, being confident to work directly with clients and stakeholders. You must have good communication and interpersonal skills towards clients and internal project team, and should have the ability to effectively prioritise and demonstrate good time management. 
Location: CORDA is based in Farnborough, Hampshire, but our associates are not required to be based here. Since our team will often work alongside our clients across the UK, we are flexible about the base location. The largest number of opportunities are likely to arise in Southeast England, Northwest England, and London.

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If you are interested in working with us, please send us your CV, and someone will be in touch to discuss your capabilities. We look forward to hearing from you.