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We have a long history of supporting senior decision-makers across the UK Ministry of Defence, NATO and BAE Systems.
CORDA has been using operational research techniques to advise the Ministry of Defence (MOD) since 1984.

Today, we are a market leader in modelling and analysis consultancy within the defence industry. We are trusted to deliver the Analysis Support Construct (ASC), Dstl’s flagship analysis contract. Under the ASC, Dstl and BAE Systems CORDA have jointly delivered a broad and high-quality body of analysis, managing the delivery of over 250 separate analysis tasks supporting wide-ranging decisions across the defence and security enterprise. 

We are kept independent of other parts of BAE Systems, enabling us to retain objectivity when supporting both internal and external customers.
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Analysis Support Construct

The Analysis Support Construct (ASC) is a Framework set up by Dstl to service the demand for analysis required by decision makers in all UK Defence & Security Domains. As the prime contractor for the ASC, CORDA is responsible for the delivery of agile, timely and effective analysis by building and engaging a robust Supply Chain.
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Reconfigurable Maritime Warfare Training System

Supporting the Maritime Warfare Centre

The Maritime Warfare Centre (MWC) conducts analysis for the Royal Navy in order to maximise the effectiveness of current and future maritime operations.
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Energy & resilience

The UK's Ministry of Defence needs to maintain its capability to deliver its outputs, despite external factors over which it has no control. Constrained supply and volatile prices of fuel, availability of critical materials, more stringent legislation, and the impact of climate change all present risks to how it conducts business.
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