Our capabilities

Structured engagement
Bringing clarity and structure to complex problems.
We use our expertise in approaches such as workshop facilitation, wargaming, structured interviews and consultations, multi-criteria decision analysis, and roadmapping to support our customers in making evidence-based decisions. 
We help them recognise what the important decisions to take are, and identify the best approach to providing the evidence needed to support their decisions.
Our services include:
  • Understanding the risks, issues and challenges faced across an organisation or stakeholder groups
  • Developing analytical or structured frameworks for assessing intangibles such as culture or performance
  • Assessing the potential impacts and opportunities associated with technology changes
  • Generating strategies for better managing and exploiting data
  • Identifying the right metrics to drive changes in behaviours and outcomes
  • Developing roadmaps and implementation plans
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Understanding how organisations contribute to military capability

Front Line Commands need to understand how organisations, personnel, equipment, and support infrastructure contribute to capability in order to optimise their force structures.
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Challenger® 2 Main Battle Tank

Conceptual Force Wargame

The Army runs a number of events as part of the Army Future Land Conceptual Wargaming Cycle. We were chosen by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to run the final event in the series for the 2014 and 2015 cycles: The Conceptual Force Wargame.
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