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Good Recruitment Campaign

Good Recruitment Campaign
BAE Systems has recently joined over 185 employers, sector bodies and associations in supporting and championing the Good Recruitment Campaign, promoted by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.
What is the Good Recruitment Campaign?
To become as successful as possible in the attraction, selection and hiring of people, it is vital to ensure that good practice prevails throughout the resourcing process. The campaign, created by businesses for businesses, exists to promote the critical importance that good recruitment practice plays in organisational success. As demand returns to the economy and businesses are looking to hire more staff, fine-tuning their resourcing strategies becomes critical. This is the right time to create a national focus on good recruitment. The campaign will help organisations to reinvigorate their recruiting strategies so they provide a better candidate experience and work more effectively with their recruitment partners.        
Benefits of being involved include:
  • Aligning BAE Systems with good recruitment practice, sending a positive message to potential candidates
  • Improving the provision of recruitment services and supply chain management
  • Using the campaign's Charter to drive good practice internally
  • Sharing good practice whilst learning from peers and professional bodies about trends and new approaches to recruitment and resourcing
These are the principles of the Good Recruitment Campaign Charter, which we aspire to follow:
  1. We are fair, legal and ethical in our resource planning and recruitment procedures, with specific regard to actively promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace
  2. We exercise good recruitment practice and apply this equally to temporary, contract, interim, fixed term, zero hours and part-time workers
  3. We deliver a high standard of candidate experience, with ongoing communication during the recruitment process, including two-way feedback for all those interviewed
  4. We offer flexible working arrangements and adaptive working practices, wherever possible, as a way of boosting inclusion and attracting talent
  5. We ask that those managing and delivering the recruitment process (whether internal staff or external providers) work to recognised standards, undertake any relevant training/qualification, and commit to continuous development
  6. We ask that our external recruitment providers are signed up to industry codes of practice and demonstrate a commitment to good recruitment practice
  7. Our supply chain delivers good recruitment practice throughout, including where different resourcing models, such as recruitment process outsourcing or vendor arrangements, are in place
  8. We help to address youth employment through our recruitment procedures; for example, through the provision of apprenticeships and traineeships, and by working with recruitment organisations who have signed up to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)’s Youth Employment Charter
  9. We regularly review our recruitment procedures with feedback from candidates (those appointed and not appointed) and keep up-to-date with new recruitment/resourcing approaches
This Charter makes perfect sense and we are happy to align the organisation to this excellent national initiative from the REC, which we believe will help to support our continuous improvement agenda within BAE Systems.