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Weapon Systems & Munitions

We provide a wide range of munitions, explosives, gun systems and artillery systems.
Our global reach brings our customers a depth and breadth of munitions, explosives, gun systems and artillery systems that meet critical needs in the air, on land, and at sea. We also manage and operate munitions facilities that provide and support critical national capabilities.

Weapon Systems & Munitions Products

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  • Photo credit: PO3 Deanna Gonzales, U.S. Navy


    Mk 38 Mod 3 Machine Gun System (MGS)

    Setting the standard for shipboard defense against small, fast, and agile surface threats.

  • Low weight & compact 40Mk4 gun system, with its high rate of fire & capability to switch between optimized ammunition types, provides high survivability & tactical freedom at all levels of conflict.


    40Mk4 Naval Gun

    Today’s naval assets need to swiftly adapt to an unprecedented range of roles and scenarios. When survival hangs on a matter of seconds, they must be equipped with agile, flexible weapon systems that enable a lightning-quick response.

  • 57Mk3 Naval Gun


    57MM Naval Gun System

    BAE Systems' 57MM Mk110 (internationally known as the Bofors' 57Mk3) provides high survivability and tactical freedom at all levels of conflict.

  • MK 45 Naval Gun


    Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System

    The 5-inch (127-mm) 62-caliber Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun system is in U.S. Navy service today, and is ready to significantly enhance Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS) and overall mission performance.

  • APKWS Apache


    APKWS® Laser-Guided Rocket

    The Advanced precision kill weapon system (APKWS) guidance kit transforms an unguided 2.75-inch (70 millimeter) rocket into a precision-guided rocket, giving warfighters a low-cost surgical strike capability.

  • Image of a naval gun firing 4.5 inch maval ammunition


    4.5 inch naval ammunition

    Our 4.5 inch naval ammunition is designed for use with the 4.5 inch Mk8 naval gun. They are fixed rounds and comprise of a shell, fuze and propelling charge.

  • Image of aircraft carrying Stormshadow warhead


    Warhead and bomb systems

    Our conventional warheads are used worldwide in a range of explosive materials including Insensitive Munition (IM) compositons, heavy bombs, torpedoes and depth charges.



    Our ammunition is relied upon by armed forces around the world, and ranges from small arms through to mortars, artillery, tank, naval, warheads and advanced payloads.

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