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We are a trusted provider of global IT and cyber security solutions, and network management and support services.
Our innovative knowledge management and information sharing tools provide the most robust, secure, and user-friendly applications to store and index data and imagery so that it can be easily accessed and processed by analysts, military personnel, and government personnel making critical tactical or national security decisions.

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  • BAE Systems’ XTS® Diode provides next-generation, RTB-compliant One-Way Transfer (OWT) data security in a compact, lightweight, and rugged device.


    XTS® Diode One-Way Transfer

    XTS® Diode is a next-generation One-Way Transfer (OWT) device and the first named Raise-The-Bar (RTB)-compliant by the National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO) and the National Security Agency (NSA).

  • Built for the purpose of being secure, our field-proven STOP™ high assurance general purpose operating system offers greater security and ruggedness worldwide, with lower development costs.


    STOP™ High Assurance GPOS

    Built with security as its top priority, the STOP™ high assurance operating system from BAE Systems protects the world’s most valuable information, providing greater security and ruggedness with lower deployment cost.

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    Army Cyber

    BAE Systems enables the U.S. Army to transform data into actionable intelligence, as well as engineering, integrating, and sustaining critical military platforms and systems.