Individual Protection

We provide solutions to help protect military personnel and bring them home safely.
When it comes to protecting our troops, we know what works. As a leading provider of individual protective equipment, as well as ballistic protection and seating for land, air, and maritime systems, we work in close partnership with our customers around the world to develop affordable, high-performance solutions. For more than 40 years, we have helped protect those who go in harm’s way to bring them home safely.

Individual Protection Products

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  • AH-64E helicopter equipped with the Smart D2™ system


    Smart D²™ system

    BAE Systems' Smart D²™ system delivers the automation, communication, and acute intelligence of next-generation smart countermeasures to defeat existing and emerging threats, for prime installs and legacy upgrades.

  • Typhoon helmet - front and back view


    Typhoon helmet

    The Typhoon’s latest weapon isn’t something slung under the wing – but a system with ‘brains’ that sits on the pilot’s head.