Data Management

We help companies in a range of industries seize opportunities in the data economy.
In 2013 four trillion gigabytes of data were generated globally, more than twice the amount of data produced in 2011. We help companies in a range of industries seize opportunities in the data economy by creating the business capabilities to manage, secure and exploit their data, for both internal and external use.

Data Management Products

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  • BAE Systems designs and builds a portfolio of cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, including cross-domain solutions that meet all National Cross Domain Services Management Office (NCDSMO) and NSA Raise-The-Bar (RTB) requirements.


    Cybersecurity products portfolio

    BAE Systems’ cybersecurity products – one-way transfer (OWT) devices, guards, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and more – exceed Raise-The-Bar (RTB) requirements, protecting data networks and all environments where sensitive information must be exchanged.

  • BAE Systems’ XTS® Diode provides next-generation, RTB-compliant One-Way Transfer (OWT) data security in a compact, lightweight, and rugged device.


    XTS® Diode One-Way Transfer

    XTS® Diode is a next-generation One-Way Transfer (OWT) device and the first named Raise-The-Bar (RTB)-compliant by the National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO) and the National Security Agency (NSA).

  • Built for the purpose of being secure, our field-proven STOP™ high assurance general purpose operating system offers greater security and ruggedness worldwide, with lower development costs.


    STOP™ High Assurance GPOS

    Built with security as its top priority, the STOP™ high assurance operating system from BAE Systems protects the world’s most valuable information, providing greater security and ruggedness with lower deployment cost.

  • Pacific 24


    Sea and patrol boats

    We have supplied sea boats to the UK Royal Navy and international navies for over 20 years.

    Product Family
  • Electronic Manufacturing UK


    Electronic Manufacturing UK

    We provide a trusted and innovative total manufacturing capability for highly complex electronic integrated systems, sub-systems, modules and printed electronic circuit assemblies where quality is paramount. Our ethos is to add value through our people, scale, capability and engineering know-how, allowing us to provide a vital advantage to our customers where it counts.

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  • Autonomous P950 RIB


    Autonomous capabilities

    Collaborating with naval and industrial partners to develop autonomous technologies

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  • Arctic 24


    Special Operations

    Providing an edge to enable our customers to stay ahead

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  • Rigid Raiding Craft


    Military and professional

    Our state-of-the-art boat technology helps to save lives, protect borders and people, strengthen nations and keep critical information and infrastructure secure. Investing in innovation and technology is at the heart of everything we do.

    Product Family
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