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We provide best in class radio frequency communications and control systems on next-generation military and commercial aircraft.
We provide leading edge radio frequency communications and datalinks, military aircraft controls and displays, platform integration, flight control systems, head-up displays, automatic test equipment systems, and integrated flight control electronics on next-generation military and commercial aircraft.

Communications & Control Products

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  • BAE Systems electrical engineers reviewing new defense electronics designs in front of new processing equipment in development


    Defense Electronics R&D: Next Generation Systems

    Our Defense Electronics R&D unit creates advanced components for next generation EW systems and RF and EO/IR sensors, to disrupt and defeat adversary platforms and networks using the full electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Pacific 24 in operation


    Our Pacific range

    Our range of performance rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) is designed and built primarily for maritime counter terrorism, policing, anti-piracy and search and rescue operations.

  • We use algorithms and signal processing with massive sensor data to give the U.S. military new mission insights and opportunities.


    Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D

    We create signal processing and machine learning algorithms that leverage masses of often underused sensor data to give warfighters and analysts new insights, options, and opportunities for mission success.

  • BAE Systems Striker® II – the all new digital helmet-mounted display system with integrated night vision cameras – Performance without compromise.


    Striker® II Digital Helmet-Mounted Display

    The Striker II is the world's only helmet-mounted display to combine a 40⁰ field of view, daylight readable color display and integrated night vision.

  • Multi-domain processing algorithms provide robust situational awareness and understanding, enabling intelligent action in contested environments


    EO/IR Sensor R&D

    Our EO/IR Sensor R&D team creates and evolves sensors that collect Electro-Optical and Infrared signals across the electromagnetic spectrum to support pivotal mission objectives.

  • Tactical Riverine Craft image


    Tactical Riverine Craft

    Our next-generation tactical riverine craft is capable of operating on inland and inshore coastal waters for troop insertion/extraction, raiding, patrolling, reconnaissance and stores delivery.

  • Product

    Tactical Networks: Defending Mission Computers

    Our Tactical Networks R&D team uses advanced resilience-in-depth cyber technologies and protocols to deploy U.S. military wireless tactical networks with autonomic zero-day defense and response security.

  • Future radar image


    Radar UK

    Our rich radar heritage and vast experience, together with our constantly evolving technology and expertise, enable us to provide a world-class service. We provide and maintain cutting-edge radar capability, cost-effective solutions that have been proven time and again in extreme environments and harsh operational conditions.

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