Commercial and military customers around the world rely on our flight and mission critical products.
More than 170 commercial and military customers around the world rely on our flight and mission critical products, including cutting-edge systems for flight and flight deck controls, power and cabin management, weapon controls, and autonomous flight for some of the world’s most prominent commercial and military aircraft. Our global network of aftermarket service and support teams provide 24/7 support and immediate aircraft-on-ground service for operations.

Avionics Products

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  • Commercial Aviation Support


    Commercial Aviation Support

    BAE Systems’ customer support and services team supports our 600+ customers and manufacturer partners with unparalleled aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) work scope in service centers strategically located around the globe.

  • Our mission management systems use tailored optimization techniques and photogrammetry to enable superior planning, routing, and kinetic engagement solutions.


    Mission management and precision engagement

    Dynamic mission planning technology offers users a strategic edge in the battlespace.

  • F-16 Automatic test Equipment


    Automatic test equipment for electronic systems

    Driving the future of automatic test equipment with flexible products and complete support solutions

  • Product

    NavComp GPS Receiver and Mission Computer

    NavComp is a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and mission computer on a single board. Different versions include one to four GPS receivers on the same board, enabling the system to be operated with up to four antennas and on rotating vehicles.