They are all projects we’re celebrating this year in our annual ICASE awards, which are designed to give PhD students a challenging experience to apply their research skills to solve real-world problems. The clue is in the name ‘ICASE’ - Industrial Co-operative Awards in Science and Technology - it’s all about industry and academia collaborating for the common good. It’s also a route for academics to move into industry, as with last year’s ICASE winner Charlie House, who joined BAE Systems. Every year we celebrate five of our ICASE awards and choose an overall winner, which is no easy task when they are this impressive. We’ve got a short video to tell you more about each of the five finalists in 2021:

Overall winner 2021:

Winner 2021
Georgios Anagnostopoulos
University of Strathclyde: Software tools for analysis and reduction of design rework impact for naval ships

Runners up:

  • Zachary Madin The University of Manchester
    'Control of underwater autonomous vehicles'
  • Jithin Kannanthara University of Birmingham
    'Precision and accuracy of quantum clocks for coherent radars'
  • Lawrence Singleton University of Southampton
    'Using meta-materials to control vibration'
  • Matthew Story Cranfield University
    'Human robot collaboration in Industry'
Runner up 2021

Zachary Madin

The University of Manchester: Control of underwater autonomous vehicles
Runner up 2021

Jithin Kannanthara

University of Birmingham: Precision and accuracy of quantum clocks for coherent radars
Runner up 2021

Lawrence Singleton

University of Southampton: Using meta-materials to control vibration
Runner up 2021

Matthew Story

Cranfield University: Human robot collaboration in Industry

As you can see, these are researchers at the cutting edge of their fields. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funds the ICASE awards, so we are enormously grateful to work with them. It’s all part of turning the UK’s research and development superpower into applications that can help our prosperity.
I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these inspirational projects.


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Dave Short

Technology Director, CTO