Analysis for Science & Technology Research in Defence (ASTRID)

The Analysis for Science & Technology Research in Defence (ASTRID) is a framework agreement, to provide analysis for decision support for the UK Government in the Defence and Security. ASTRID strives to deliver high-impact analysis by enabling collaborative working between government, industry and academia.
ASTRID draws on the breadth of capabilities across Industry and Academia through an open Supply Chain. As the prime contractor for the ASTRID, BAE Systems CORDA is responsible for the delivery of agile, timely and effective analysis by building and engaging a robust Supply Chain.
Tasks can flow through the contract to members of the Supply Chain starting in May 2020.
The ASTRID scope covers five broad areas:
  • Strategy, Policy and Enterprise Level Analysis & Decision Support to provide analysis to support senior and operational decision makers across Defence and Security.
  • Capability and Investment Level Analysis and Decision Support to provide analysis to support decision makers with capability planning and decisions relating to delivery options for platform and system level capabilities within current and future force structures across all Defence Lines of Development.
  • Defence and Security Business Space Analysis and Decision Support to provide analysis on organisational structures, including back-office support, systems and processes across Defence and Security environments.
  • Enabling Analysis Services, providing access to a full range of Services to enable the above technical requirements, to include: the development, operation, modification and maintenance of models, methods and tools;  and the collection and collation of required data.
  • Identification, assessment and analysis of the benefit/impact of emerging Science and Technology areas to support decision making on future S&T and capability investment across MOD and related areas of wider government (also known as Horizon Scanning, Technology Watch and Assessment).
If you would like to know more about ASTRID or become a ASTRID supplier, please contact the team.