Schools to build aircraft

Students at the North Suffolk Skills Academy (NSSA) in Halesworth, near RAF Marham are taking on the task of building a Sherwood Ranger aircraft. This ambitious project, which starts in September 2013, comes on the back of an exciting new curriculum package that includes Aeronautical Engineering.

The course, which will be open to both GCSE and A-Level students, aims to develop the highest level of engineering skills in youngsters in a context that makes engineering exciting and fun to learn.

During their project the students will not only have access to upgraded Information and Communications Technology (ICT) facilities and an aeronautical engineering workshop, but they’ll also receive practical and educational support from our colleagues at RAF Marham and they’ll have a chance to look around the Tornado aircraft maintenance facility.

Colleagues at RAF Marham will also be involved in assessing student work and planning the learning journey to ensure the highest industrial standards are met by the students.

Although not all students will aspire to be aircraft engineers, this new initiative will prepare students for further study and work, be it apprenticeships, courses at college or university.

We’ll keep you posted on how this exciting project is developing over the next couple of years.