Our BedFleX Team with the BedFleX device and a range of other components made using a revolutionary new ‘3D’ printing process – the parts are literally ‘grown’ in the machine seen here behind the grou

The apprentices, who work in our Military Air & Information business in Lancashire, have designed a device, created through an innovative 3D printing process, which will help wounded soldiers with their recovery programmes while bed-bound.

Called BedFlex, the device is an elastic attachment which enables patients to secure resistance tubing to a stable object (such as the bed) without the risk of the elastic slipping or coming undone – a common problem with existing physiotherapy tools which use resistance tubing. It has been designed for use by recovering amputees and critical care patients which allows them to take part in bed-based exercise to aid rehabilitation

BedFleX stormed to victory in the final leg of the Make it Great Britain Challenge after being on display for the final week of the competition at London’s world-famous Science Museum. Members of the public had been invited to vote on their favourite of five finalists, all of whom had previously been recognised as ‘best in category’.  

As winner of the Make it in Great Britain Challenge, BedFleX provides a great example of pioneering and cutting-edge innovation, and of British manufacturing creativity at its very best.

Sean Gallagher, one of the BedFleX team, said: “We are extremely proud and honoured to be announced as the winner of the Make it in Great Britain Challenge, and hope our achievement will help to tackle outdated perceptions of the manufacturing sector by highlighting the innovation taking place in Britain today.

“To see our invention on display at the world-famous Science Museum was a very rewarding experience, and we are delighted to be crowned the overall winner of this national competition – it’s an incredible feeling.”

To find out more about the Make it in Great Britain Challenge and the campaign, please visit the Make it in Great Britain website.

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