Typhoon air-to-air

16,000 mile trip

As part of the Typhoon Engineering Support System (ESS) development programme the latest version of ESS is being installed in the Falkland islands. Three members of the ESS team are making a 16,000 mile round trip to upgrade the ESS in the Falkland Islands.

An electronic log book

The Engineering Support System is best described as an electronic log book. The system helps enable our customers to maintain the aircraft in-service, record the aircraft’s technical data and maintenance information to control the airworthiness of the aircraft as well as logging all its history, flying life and servicing records.

Benefits for the customer

The latest upgrades to the ESS deliver over 60 individual enhancements to the product allowing the customer to:

  • Reduce the time taken to Perform Quality Assurance activities on each aircraft and eliminates the need for reliance on spreadsheets
  • Improve Aircraft Configuration management by clear reporting of any errors to the users
  • Increased data integrity through additional checks, validation steps and special authorities thereby reduce the requirement for reconciliation and back office data correction
  • Save time and effort by streamlining the maintenance workflow through and user interface on the most frequently used aspects of the ESS.

Significant efficiency improvements

These enhancements have been developed in close partnership with the customer to deliver not only improved safety and airworthiness of the Typhoon fleet but deliver significant efficiency improvements.

Roll out

The product will be rolled out to the rest of the UK bases and to Saudi Arabia over the forthcoming months.

The journey

The team of four which includes three of our employees: Tony Sleight, Gaz Ward and Adrian Ainsworth and John Blondel (Blondie) from the RAF are not only facing a very long flight, but they’ll also be battling the infamous Falkland Islands winter.