BAE Systems is a leading innovator and integrator of advanced night-vision sensors and electro-optical systems. Among those products on display for the first time at any exhibition is the 17-Micron Light Weapon Thermal Sight Clip-on. This clip-on thermal weapon sight features 17-micron focal plane arrays, which require significantly less power and reduce weight. Achieving performance comparable to the larger systems is a significant technical breakthrough that promises major advances in thermal weapon sight technology. The sights are smaller, lighter, and less expensive than first-generation sights.


“Viewing the dismounted soldier as a system changes the paradigm,” said Mike Lewis, vice president/general manager of the BAE Systems’ Soldier & Vehicle Solutions business. “By treating the soldier as a system, we are decreasing their loads, increasing their effectiveness, and significantly improving their awareness.”

Other thermal imaging products on display during the show, include the SkeetIR®, StalkIR®, and Universal® Thermal Binocular (UTB).

The size of a credit card, SkeetIR is one of the most versatile thermal imagers available. It can be used in clip-on, hand-held, and helmet mount modes as well as clip-on thermal imager mode.

The UTB is one of the highest performance and smallest thermal binoculars available with a 640x480 resolution. It contains two lasers and an integrated digital magnetic compass. The UTB has the look and feel of standard binoculars, and is small enough to fit into a battle dress uniform pocket.

StalkIR is one of the highest performance thermal monoculars available to ground warriors today. It has all the features of the UTB, and can also be weapon-mounted as a clip-on device. It provides soldiers with an effective multi-purpose capability for surveillance and fire control to detect threats on the battlefield.

Experiences on the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq helped us develop some of the most advanced equipment in the industry today,” Lewis said. “Our thermal imaging products can be used in any situation where the soldier needs to assess and engage threats.

BAE Systems is a leader in rapidly developing advanced, technology-centered systems. The company will have these and other products on display in booth # S4-105.

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