The teaming arrangement between General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics and BAE Systems’ Munitions business, will leverage their respective strengths to provide a low-cost, highly affordable, precision mortar. The 81mm RCGM uses the current UK L41 round and US M734A1 fuze, but incorporates GPS guidance and General Dynamics’ patented Roll Controlled Fixed Canard (RCFC) technology to provide a precision strike capability.

“RCGM will put, for the first time, a low-cost indirect precision system into the hands of the front-line soldier, dramatically increasing his combat effectiveness,” said Ian Anderton, managing director of BAE Systems’ Munitions business. “The system’s increased accuracy will help bring effective fire on target quicker and the reduced number of rounds required for a typical mission will mean an approximate 30 percent reduction in logistics demands – an important consideration at the end of extended supply lines in theater.”

Michael Wilson, President of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems said, “Our teaming with BAE Systems will provide the infantry with a lightweight, portable, precision strike capability based on General Dynamics’ innovative Roll Control Guided Mortar technology. By using existing warheads and fuzing with our low-cost control and guidance system, we can offer a truly affordable precision mortar round to the US, UK and allies across the world.”

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