Submarines Long Service Awards 2013

129 Maritime – Submarines employees were presented with Long Service Awards after completing either 25 or 40 years’ service with the company. Each year two ceremonies are hosted to reward those employees who have reached this significant personal milestone.

Managing Director, John Hudson, said: “Designing and building nuclear submarines is incredibly complex. Without the skills and knowledge of our employees we could not deliver such capable submarines. I am delighted to recognise the support and achievements of our long serving employees.

“Dedicating 25 or 40 years of your working life to one organisation is an incredible achievement and the skills and expertise that we are lucky enough to have is something that we don’t take for granted.

“We are committed to maintaining and attracting the best, skilled workers so that we can provide rewarding careers and secure the future of our business. We hope that BAE Systems continues to be seen as an appealing employer for life - across all generations.”

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Neil Lauderdale
Communications Manager