BAE Systems has awarded the contract to Esterline, based in Kortrijk, Belgium, further strengthening a relationship spanning more than 10 years on Typhoon synthetic training systems.
Esterline will deliver two ultra-modern visual systems into the Eurofighter Typhoon simulator facilities at RAF Lossiemouth, in Scotland, UK, by the end of this year. The new systems will provide air force pilots with high performance, high fidelity visual systems as they prepare for operational deployments around the globe.
Esterline has previously been contracted to supply simulation equipment to aid both Eurofighter Typhoon and Hawk fast jet trainer pilot training.
Anthony Gregory, Campaign Delivery Director at BAE Systems, said: “The outstanding capability of the display system we have selected from Esterline was a key discriminator in awarding this contract and is vital in ensuring we deliver our training and support requirements to the Royal Air Force.”
Peter De Meerleer, Vice President Strategic Marketing for Esterline, said: “We have enjoyed a fruitful business relationship that has been successful for both BAE Systems and Esterline. We are very pleased with this new contract award including the selection of further TREALITY® SEER® full-flight visual display systems which is proof of BAE Systems’ confidence in Esterline Simulation Visual Systems. Esterline continues to lead the way with high-performing yet cost effective visual display solutions for simulation.”
BAE Systems is supporting the UK Government in offering the Eurofighter Typhoon as an advanced, multi-role combat aircraft solution to Belgium as part of the Air Combat Capability (ACCap) programme.
Our supply chain and that of the Eurofighter Partner Companies – Airbus Germany and Spain and Leonardo Italy – already have a significant industrial footprint, worth hundreds of millions of Euros, including high-end technology sector companies such as Esterline.