Broadsword® Spine®
Broadsword® Spine® has been designed specifically as an alternative to the heavy portable data and power supplies currently carried by military and emergency service personnel. Our Company has agreed an exclusive new partnership with world-leading e-textiles developer, Intelligent Textiles Limited (ITL), to deliver the ground-breaking wearable product in high volumes at low cost.
Broadsword® Spine® is an e-textile based layer that when added to a user’s clothing creates an invisible electronic network and power supply, by using conductive fabrics instead of wires and cables. With the innovative network, users can plug vital electronic devices straight into their vest, jacket or belt and have them instantly hooked into power and data via USB – all delivering an estimated 40 per cent weight saving per user versus alternative solutions.
Working together, our Company and ITL will be ready to deliver these lightweight devices to personnel including the armed forces, fire and rescue services and law enforcement, all of whom rely on carrying electronic equipment and having a durable power supply for long periods of use.
Broadsword® Spine® is also designed to be robust enough to operate in the harshest environments, including being resistant to water, fire, humidity and shock – and can be easily recharged in the field via in-vehicle charging points or through simple battery replacements.
Paul Burke, Defence Information and Technology Director within Military Air and Information said: “Broadsword® Spine® will deliver a lightweight, cable free and better alternative to existing systems. It is the first product of our partnership with ITL and uses its revolutionary e-textile allowing power and data to move through fabric. It will be more flexible, robust and lighter than the heavy, unwieldy harnesses which are currently used. Broadsword® Spine® offers an open architecture, meaning it could be used to power communications used by anyone from a soldier on the battlefield to a first responder called to an emergency.”
Asha Thompson, Director and Co-founder of ITL, added: “Our partnership with BAE Systems builds on a long-standing relationship, and is our logical next step in providing our customers with a cost-effective product. It allows us to retain our agility and innovative nature for developing other technologies, yet gives Broadsword® Spine® the support of BAE Systems' international reputation and footprint. This puts Broadsword® Spine® on a fast-track to delivering benefits to customers.”
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