Typhoon Support

BAE Systems has a long-term contract to support the Royal Air Force Typhoon fleet, working in partnership with the RAF to ensure ongoing operational requirements are met.

Within 60 hours of UN Resolution 1973 being agreed by the United Nations the Royal Air Force (RAF) was deployed to help enforce a no-fly zone and that ultimately led to it carrying out bombing missions in Libya.

Getting the crews off the ground at such short notice called for a massive effort, not least from the men and women on our teams who support the RAF and UK MOD on a daily basis. But that’s what the Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) is all about.

TAS is a ground-breaking partnering arrangement with the UK MOD, which sees us take a major role in ensuring the availability of the Typhoon fleet to meet its standing and contingent operational commitments.

Our people work side-by-side with UK MOD and RAF personnel at RAF Coningsby and RAF Lossiemouth. Our role is to support all of the operations of the RAF's Typhoon fleet.

The main elements of the contract are to provide maintenance, logistic and technical support, and aircrew and ground crew training.

We make aircraft available to the frontline by carrying out the scheduled periodic maintenance. After a certain number of hours, or at a certain period of time, we do the hangar maintenance on those aircraft.