BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has established a University Collaboration, Research and Development Steering Board to ensure that the Company develops and maintains close links with partner universities, and to help students develop before they enter the labour market.  The Company recently agreed to sponsor 30 engineering students at King Saud University during their university education. 

BAE Systems was a founding sponsor of Alfaisal University, which started in 2008.  Alfaisal University is one of the Kingdom’s first private institutions in the tertiary field of education.  The University’s focus is on qualifying Saudis in engineering, business management and medical fields.

BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has partnered the Saudi government in a number of key initiatives.  In 2001 the company assisted the Saudi government to create national occupational skill set standards and their resulting training curricula. 

Each year since 1991 Saudi academics have participated in a British Council run, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia funded programme, designed to stimulate advances in research.  This provides financial and organisational support allowing them to study at British Universities and academic institutions during the Saudi summer recess.  This research is great importance, covering areas such as cancer treatment, traffic planning, illnesses common to the country, domestic violence, irrigation with salt water, protection of the Arabian leopard and nutrient values for Children.  Since the programme began over 400 Saudi academics have been the beneficiaries of the scheme.