The Ministry of Defence Saudi Armed Forces Projects (MODSAP) is responsible for fulfilling the UK Government’s obligations under arrangements signed between the UK and Saudi Arabian Governments covering the supply of defence equipment and services to the Saudi Armed Forces under the Saudi British Defence Cooperation Programme and the SALAM Project.

As its title suggests, MODSAP is part of the UK Ministry of Defence and is staffed by both Service and civilian personnel. Its members are based in various locations across the UK and Saudi Arabia.

MODSAP’s principal roles are to monitor the progress and performance of the SBDCP and SALAM prime contractor (BAE Systems), so that the requirements of the Saudi Arabian Government are faithfully met and contracted programmes of work run smoothly both technically and financially, and to provide a point of contact for the Royal Saudi Air Force and Royal Saudi Naval Forces.

In these roles MODSAP personnel a) facilitate contact between the Saudi Armed Forces and the prime contractor, thereby helping to define programme requirements and to expedite the resolution of problems; b) ensure equipment and services provided to the Saudi Armed Forces are as contracted and that all supporting training is carried out to an acceptable standard; and c) endorse claims for payment when properly supported and submitted in accordance with the payment schedules in the relevant agreement.

Additionally, MODSAP personnel seek to develop and sustain professional contacts between the nations’ armed forces.