Image showing Typhoon cockpit
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we work together with local partners to develop, engineer, manufacture and support the innovations that sustain economic growth, increase defence sovereignty and safeguard commercial interests. This is supported by our strong relationships with local industrial partners, and underlined by our nearly 50 years of heritage in providing leading edge technology and training to the Saudi Armed Forces.
5,800 of our employees work in Saudi Arabia and 68% of them are Saudi Nationals, making BAE Systems one of the world’s leading private sector employers of Saudis; a fact that was recognised when we won the Prince Nayef Saudisation Award in 2011, in addition to the “Employer Achievement Award”.
Since 1966, BAE Systems, previously known as British Aerospace, has established comprehensive systems intended to support the transfer of knowledge and technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whilst also supporting the long-term development of its Saudi employees.
Since then, the Company has contributed to the training of thousands of Saudi Nationals in many highly-skilled fields, including engineering, technology and aviation. In addition to this, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has provided a range of solutions to many areas of the military, including electronics, security systems and information technology.
Furthermore, as the Company has continued to build upon its commitment to Saudi economic growth and the development of a local aerospace and defence industry, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has been proud to take significant steps towards the transfer of capability, skills and knowledge to the people and businesses of the Kingdom.
As a central part of its operations in Kingdom, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia places great emphasis on its far-reaching programme of community engagement and social investment activities. Its regular contributions to the country and its people include the continued support of many charities across the Kingdom, as well as the business’ ongoing backing for a wide range of educational programmes. Of these, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia is proud to support post-doctoral research initiatives and a wide range of university scholarship programmes. Furthermore, the business was proud to be at the centre of the founding of Al-Faisal University in Riyadh  and continues to support summer training schemes for ambitious students. To this day, the company continues to play an important role in recognising academic excellence through yearly prize events and the awarding of financial grants.
BAE Systems Saudi Arabia’s unique contribution and ongoing commitment to the Kingdom has seen the business recognised with a series of high-profile accolades, including the Prince Naif Saudisation Award. The company has also been acknowledged as the country’s most prominent brand in the field of defence and aviation, as well as having been honoured with the award of the country’s “technology company of the year 2015”.
As part of this commitment, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia has invested in many Saudi companies which it has developed to provide leading services, support and expertise in the fields of aviation, technology and security. These companies are Advanced Electronics Company, International Systems Engineering and Saudi Development and Training and Saudi Maintenance and Supply Chain Management Company.