Rewards &

At BAE Systems, we recognise the importance of the people who work for us. Our rewards and benefits are competitive and designed to ensure a long-lasting rewarding relationship with our employees. BAE Systems Saudi Arabia offers a competitive compensation and benefits package for Saudi employees. This package is designed to attract, retain and motivate competent and talented employees.

Below are some of the benefits you will realise by being a BAE employee:

  • Competitive Basic Salary.
  • Living (Housing) Allowance.
  • Transportation Allowance (depends on role and grade).
  • Schooling Allowance (depends on role and grade).
  • Annual Bonus (depends on role and grade).
  • Share Incentive Plan (dependent upon Company Performance).
  • Distinguished health Insurance coverage for the employee and dependents.
  • Learning & Development opportunities.
  • Other Benefits (depends on role and grade).

Learning and Development (L&D):

We are dedicated to developing our people. Our employees are empowered to seek out ways to grow and develop both professionally and personally. This might be in a form of a structured training program or learning on the job – either autonomously, led by supervisors and colleagues, or joining a mentoring program. BAE employees have a Performance Development Review (PDR) to capture and monitor career aspirations and development needs, but there’s a catch. Our employees own their career development so it’s up to them to take the initiative and make it happen.